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You have invested money and valuable time to receive your real estate license! Therefore we are giving you an opportunity to earn easy money while hanging your license here with no fees throughout the year. You simply sent us a referral and we do the rest!

Example: You refer your neighbor who buys a house with RE/MAX Signature for $210,000. You agreed on a 25% referral fee. The agent brings in 3% of the sale ($6,300), Signature Referral Company receives the 25% of the $6,300 and writes you a check for $1,181.25! Remember, all you did was give us a way to contact your neighbor. 

The Referral

If you have a personal friend, a family member, one of your neighbors, a friend at work, or even yourself who needs to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the country, you simply refer your buyer or seller to an agent of your choice. Or we can assist you in selecting one of our agents or from our RE/MAX network across the country.

Working with Buyer or Seller

The selected agent will do all the heavy lifting: scheduling the showings, filling out the paperwork, consulting the customer and preparing for closing. This agent will send Signature Referral Company a previously agreed upon referral amount with your permission.

The Sale & Commission

Once the person you referred sells or closes on a property, Signature Referral Company writes you a check for 75% of the total commission agreed upon. For example, if you agreed on a 25% referral fee of the total commission, Signature Referral gives you 75% of the 25%. That’s all there is to it!

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